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MX Controls is a Private Venture created by me, Edward Arthur Mangler.
I am an Engineer who has several years of Experience in Digital
Hardware, Firmware and Software Design
and Development.

While working for SpeakerCraft, I was one of the main Engineers 
responsible for the development of the SpeakerCraft MZC-64/66/88
and Proficient Audio M4/M6 Control Systems as well as the
SpeakerCraft EZC-1.0, RSA-1.0, ERS-1.0, and E-Z Pad Keypad

While working at Xantech, I was 
one of the main Engineers responsible
for the development of the SmartPad3 and Waterpad IR Control
Modules as well as the URC-2 Handheld Universal IR Remote
Control Unit.

MX Controls is the Venture behind the MZC Control App for
iOS and Android. MX Controls latest development efforts have led
to the design of the MX Control Module and its associated MX
Control App for iOS. The MX Control Module is an Inexpensive
Alternative to the SpeakerCraft ERS-1.0. The MX Control
Module is also more responsive and has enhanced features compared
to the SpeakerCraft ERS-1.0.

At MX Controls, I strive to provide the Best Customer Service.
When you buy an MX Controls Product you are not just buying a
Great Product, you are also buying Great Customer Service. I
personally guarantee
that you can rest assured that I will be there
after the sale to assist you with any problems you may have now and
in the future. I highly appreciate
my customers and work very hard
to prove it.

Edward Arthur Mangler 
MX Controls

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